It’s A…

The long wait is over. I know all three of you that read this blog haven’t been able to sleep for a month in anticipation that I would post something about the gender of my fetus. Well, hold on to your boot straps, everyone! (that’s not even a phrase, is it?) Baby. Is. A. GIRL!!!!

Baby Girl Ultrasound3D 3D 2

I will spare you a picture of the lady bits, but trust me, they were there. And let’s all pretend that she doesn’t look like the aliens from Signs in those 3D ones, mmkay? She is the cutest! We went in to the doctor just before I turned 18 weeks, so I was a little worried that we wouldn’t get a good glimpse of anything. We wanted to try and get it done before we left for Utah so we could tell our family.

Our tech kept checking organs and different things down towards her bum for a while at first, and we were both kind of thinking that we didn’t see a whole lot, so that must mean it was a girl? Then, at the end (of course they make you wait until then, while your full bladder is about to explode), it was confirmed! We are all very excited… Jonah has been saying it was a baby sister this whole time, so when we told him, he just kind of looked at us like, “Yeah, I know. Duh.” While we were going to be happy either way, Jordan and I have both been kind of hoping that it would be a little lady, so we could have one of each. And maybe less pressure to have six kids in hopes that we get a female one eventually.

Now that I am 22 weeks, she is moving like CRAZY! I started feeling flutters around 13 or 14 weeks this time, but they haven’t been super noticeable until the past few weeks. Jordan was able to feel her move from the outside about a week or so ago, and now when I’m sitting still I can see little kicks and punches on my belly. So so sweet.

I have been trying to not go crazy with the girl clothes buying, yet, but it has been rough. Have you SEEN the baby clothes at H&M lately? Death by cuteness. My Pinterest has kind of taken the brunt of my girl window shopping. All I want to look at are nursery schemes, clothes, how to make headbands and leggings, etc. It’s ridiculous. Right now we are in the process of figuring out how to work our rooms and move things around. I have also been nesting like a mad woman who has just downed three Red Bulls. It’s hard for me to even sleep in anymore because A). Baby starts kicking up a storm, and B). All I can think about is what is not getting organized while I am laying there in bed. Does this mean my house looks clean? Heavens, no!

All in all, we are just so thrilled for our new little sweetie to come join our family. Two kids is kind of terrifying when I think about it, and it feels like forever since we’ve had a newborn, but we’ll figure it out. Yay for babies!


There’s a Baby in There

It’s true! There is a new little member coming to the Rose clan in September 2012.

Sorry to leave a lot of you hanging all that time (even though most probably had a feeling there was something different). The true Scotsman in me is way superstitious, and I didn’t feel like blogging about anything until we were out of the first trimester (which was a doozy… more on that later). Needless to say, we are pretty delighted!

Back in January, I started feeling SUPER weird… just tired and icky and had a bad appetite (which, most of you know, is definitely not normal for the girl who takes seconds of everything). Thinking I might be “with child,” a took a test that came back negative, and just chalked it up to maybe catching something on the plane coming home from the holidays or just being worn out.

One Wednesday night a little bit later, Jordan and I went out for sushi (probably one of my top 3 favorite foods), and after eating about 3 or 4 pieces, I just couldn’t stomach any more (unheard of). That’s when we realized something was definitely up 🙂

That weekend, we took some tests and sure enough, those beautiful double pink lines showed up (within about 10 seconds… seriously).

Warning: the following is a photo of said tinkle sticks. Let’s try to be mature about this 😉

We may or may not have been both terrified (well, me mostly) and elated at the same time, as evident by the following picture…. Also, we aren’t jaundiced. Blame it on bathroom lighting!

The further along I get (I’m almost 16 weeks), the more and more excited we become, if that’s even possible. It’s been an adventure, even in this short time, but we can’t wait to meet our little nugget and squeeze and kiss it to pieces!

Here is an ultrasound from my most recent appointment a while ago at 12 weeks.

Cute, no? 😉

Right now, we are just biding our time until the beginning of May when we can find out if is a little HE or SHE and really get to planning and preparing for the little one! I feel like it’s a girl, but every dream I have had about baby is a boy.

Do you have any guesses!?

Thanks so much to our friends and families for being so congratulatory, positive, and helpful! We love you!