Kids Activities

The Links


Jordan and Jonah have been spending some father/son time on the golf course lately, and I think its safe to say that both of them love it. Little man brings along his toy club set and gets to help Dad drive the cart… the best! I’m so grateful that Jordan has been off of school this summer and that we’ve been able to spend more family time together (and, honestly, that he’s been able to give me a mommy break sometimes and have fun “dude time” with Buddy 🙂 ).

They sent this sweet video from the course a couple of weeks ago, and every time I watch it my heart turns to mush. I love my guys! And I can’t believe Jonah is growing up so fast. You stop it right now, little man. Okay? PLEASE!!?


The Joy of Painting


If there is one thing I’ve learned in my 2.5  years of motherhood, it’s that the messiest activities are always the most fun and keep Jonah entertain for the longest amount of time. I found an old canvas left over from a project and let the little guy go to town with his finger paints. His work of art is now proudly sitting on our piano. Love him.




Vertuccio Farms


We decided to spend a day at Vertuccio Farms again back in October. We went last year, and it is now becoming a yearly Gilbert tradition for us! We live in a suburban neighborhood that is pretty close to a big region of farms. Besides the occasional cow smell, it is so nice to be in a smaller more rural area with lots of family friendly parks and activities. A lot of the farms close to us allow people to visit. They have festivals, you-pick gardens, and markets. Every year, Vertuccio Farms has a Fall festival around October and November with a corn maze, pumpkin patch, petting zoo, tractor pulls, etc.  Our favorite parts this year were the enormous slides, bouncy balloon, and bunny habitat.

Can I be real for a sec here? We have loved living in Phoenix closer to family, but we sometimes kind of feel like it is a little too big. And heartless. There, I said it. There is lots of shopping, sports related events, fancy restaurants, and commercial things, but we have yet to find a lot of soul… music that we like, arts, outdoorsy stuff that isn’t an hour away. Back in Chattanooga, it seemed like there were always festivals, farmers markets, and other small-town events going on. We miss going to little things like those so much and love taking Jonah, so its great to find things like Vertuccio Farms here that are a little off the beaten path and geared for families. I know that we are maybe just a little snobby and haven’t given the city a chance (even though I’m a born Phoenician that has lived here most of my life), but I’m hoping we can find more things that are close to our interests and maybe have a little more personality.


<My guys! Jordan will be thrilled that I posted a picture of him in his Harry Potter glasses that he has had since his mission (in other words, a long time). He was getting over pink eye, poor dear!>












<That face. I can’t even handle it.>


<Me and my best little boy friend.>


We all had a blast, and it was fun to pretend for a day that it was Fall and not still 88 degrees outside!

Duck, Duck, Goose


One of my New Year’s resolutions is to be a more engaged and active mom. I feel like we got in a rut toward the end of 2014 where I was sick, busy, etc. and we just didn’t do very many exciting or enriching things. I am constantly amazed at little man’s mind and how much he remembers and notices, and it started to make me feel really guilty that I wasn’t allowing him to soak up all of the knowledge that he could. I’m still working on improvement, and there are definitely some days where playing inside with toys or watching movies is about all we can do. However, I’m trying to get us both outside more and talking about what we see (especially now that the weather is phenomenal… thank you, Phoenix winters!). I’m hoping that I can become a better teacher this year and be more creative with learning.

Last week, we went to the park and just enjoyed being outside! The weather has been in the low 70’s and sunny, so there’s really no reason to stay in the house. We fed the ducks Goldfish crackers (which they LOVED, suprisingly), chased each other around the grass, swung on swings, and climbed up all of the rock walls we could find. It was a really refreshing and fun day, and I loved spending it with my little boyfriend!

IMG_1065 IMG_1067Like father, like son! We have a future climber on our hands, people. And Mom doesn’t really know how to feel about it!