That’s right, folks! There is a bun in the oven. I’m in the family way. Baby number two is coming to a Rose family near you!

After trying for a bit longer than we expected to, we are super excited to welcome this new little nugget to our home. I’m about sixteen weeks at the moment and still feeling nauseous, so that’s neat. I’m crossing my fingers that it will let up soon! So I can be a normal person again. And maybe not gag at just the thought of bread. We have our anatomy scan in a little over a week, and we are SO anxious to find out whether it’s a boy or a girl. This pregnancy has been a lot different than my first, and I’m kind of leaning more toward it being a girl. I’m pretty terrible at guessing these things, though, so I’m not counting my chickens or anything. More updates on this fun adventure coming soon! Until then, enjoy this blurry, headless belly shot that I took in my dirty mirror on my way out the door to the gym (side note: Zumba is even more entertaining when you have a big belly bouncing around in front of you).





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