Chalkboard Re-do

I have been looking for a little chalkboard for Buddy for a while. I almost grabbed this one at IKEA a while back, but decided against it. Lucky me, because I re-did this one for even less money (cheaper than $14.99? I know… shocking). I found this scribbled on easel that had seen better days just sitting at Goodwill in the very back for four dollars. The wood and hardware still looked good, but it just needed a little Tai from Clueless-style makeover. First, I washed the red Kool-Aid dye out of its hair…. Next, came the ditching of the 90’s grunge for a crop top and knee-high socks.




The funniest thing about it was the dry erase Mother Goose Rhymes side… Awesome.

I removed the dry erase side (it slides in and out) and all of the hardware from the top and sides to make it easier to prime and paint. The chalkboard piece had come loose in a couple of places, so I just tacked it down with some small nails (with the help of my trusty sidekick and his toy hammer).


This is the face he made when I told him he couldn’t use the “Mama” hammer because I was worried he would smash his teeny fingers.


Toddler ‘tude. Gotta love it.

I laid the pieces out on my trusty 80’s sheet drop cloth and went to town spraying with this. I didn’t get a picture of after the spray paint, but I did about three coats on the wood parts and two on the chalkboard and dry erase (since they were getting painted over anyway). Since everything was already in pretty good shape, I just used a primer/paint combo, as opposed to buying a separate primer and spray paint. Plus, I already had it on hand, and I am a cheapskate.


After the paint dried for about a day (I always like to err on a longer drying time than what the can says), I used a couple of coats of a satin gloss clear top coat spray. I taped around the chalkboard area to avoid getting black on the white painted wood.  Thankfully, since the dry erase portion was separate, I could just paint it with no problems. I used about three or four coats of this chalkboard paint with a sponge brush to make sure everything was nice and covered.

Because I can’t resist a black/white/copper color combo, I repainted the hardware using this. After everything dried, I carefully screwed the hardware back on to avoid chipping the paint, and voila!



I think he likes it! His room is kind of in a transition period from baby to “big boy” bed and stuff, so I’m sure eventually I will add some washi tape or something fun on it once we figure out a color scheme. Yay for cheap and quick projects!


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