Vertuccio Farms


We decided to spend a day at Vertuccio Farms again back in October. We went last year, and it is now becoming a yearly Gilbert tradition for us! We live in a suburban neighborhood that is pretty close to a big region of farms. Besides the occasional cow smell, it is so nice to be in a smaller more rural area with lots of family friendly parks and activities. A lot of the farms close to us allow people to visit. They have festivals, you-pick gardens, and markets. Every year, Vertuccio Farms has a Fall festival around October and November with a corn maze, pumpkin patch, petting zoo, tractor pulls, etc.  Our favorite parts this year were the enormous slides, bouncy balloon, and bunny habitat.

Can I be real for a sec here? We have loved living in Phoenix closer to family, but we sometimes kind of feel like it is a little too big. And heartless. There, I said it. There is lots of shopping, sports related events, fancy restaurants, and commercial things, but we have yet to find a lot of soul… music that we like, arts, outdoorsy stuff that isn’t an hour away. Back in Chattanooga, it seemed like there were always festivals, farmers markets, and other small-town events going on. We miss going to little things like those so much and love taking Jonah, so its great to find things like Vertuccio Farms here that are a little off the beaten path and geared for families. I know that we are maybe just a little snobby and haven’t given the city a chance (even though I’m a born Phoenician that has lived here most of my life), but I’m hoping we can find more things that are close to our interests and maybe have a little more personality.


<My guys! Jordan will be thrilled that I posted a picture of him in his Harry Potter glasses that he has had since his mission (in other words, a long time). He was getting over pink eye, poor dear!>












<That face. I can’t even handle it.>


<Me and my best little boy friend.>


We all had a blast, and it was fun to pretend for a day that it was Fall and not still 88 degrees outside!


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