A Camping We Will Go


Back in the Fall, we took a little Friday night family camping trip up to Flagstaff. It was still really warm down in Phoenix, but it was starting to get pretty brisk up in the mountains. It was gorgeous being up in the pines and seeing some autumn leaves, but we probably waited a little too late in the season to go. It was cold! When we first got up there, we picked a camping site and set up our tent. A little while later, we took a walk down the road and found another site that we liked better. Because we are crazy/sometimes indecisive, we picked up our whole tent (full of pads and sleeping bags inside) and carried it down the road to the other site. I’m sure it looked pretty comical.

We have taken little man before when he was smaller, but this was one of the first times we have gone when he actually kind of understood what we were doing. He loved roasting marshmallows, drinking hot chocolate, playing with pine needles and sticks, and getting warm by the fire. When he was a baby, we would put all of our seats up in the Element and throw his pack n’ play in there to sleep it. It was an awesome/warm/comfortable place for him to spend the night. Now that he is bigger, he hates it and will only sleep (or move around all night long kicking us in the face) in the tent. We had fun, but we all got a little chilly and didn’t sleep much that night, so we were ready to head home by late Saturday morning. One of our favorite things is to just be in nature and enjoy the outdoors… we will definitely be going again once it warms up!


16402145521_66ba235253_o<Sometimes, you forget your warmest clothes for camping and end up having to wear leggings and bunched up socks like it’s 1983. Own it, girlfriend!>




16402261001_f9f3c7155a_o<Besides being totally hunky, my Eagle Scout husband is pretty fantastic at building roaring campfires.)



15783869403_b70e75c673_o<My little Linus impersonator>


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