Thanksgiving Week


We went up to Utah for Thanksgiving! We always love visiting Jordan’s side of the family up there, but usually we only have about 4 days to get through A LOT of friends and family (like, 9 siblings and a million nieces and nephews worth). Those trips are awesome and we will get in some family time anywhere we can, but we usually end up leaving more exhausted than when we came. This time around, we stayed in Bountiful for almost a week and a half, and it was so nice to just relax and enjoy our break. Jonah got to play in snow for the first time (because it was FREEZING!), and we just had oodles of fun. Highlights were visiting Temple Square and seeing the lights, eating at Crown Burgers, playing with Sammie, and me making three times more stuffing than I needed to because I have no idea how to cook for more than about five people. Oooops.


Our favorite part of any trip to Salt Lake… ‘Cause, really, what is better than a pastrami burger and french fries with fry sauce?


We stayed with Jordan’s sister, Angela, and her family. Which meant we got to cuddle with their Shih Tzu, Sammie, for a week. It was THE BEST. Buddy was in Heaven.


Jonah AND doggy snuggles!? This is Jordan’s, “I’m the luckiest man alive and my heart is melting” face.




Saturday night after Thanksgiving, we went with some of our family to the SLC Temple lights. We went on one of the first nights that they were lit, and it was really warm, so there were a zillion people there. We didn’t last long. It was so nice to be able to show little man where we were married, though, and start off the Christmas season right.
15603688673_4aea59ed6f_oLove my sweet boy! He had about had it at this point. Obviously.


All in all, we all really enjoyed spending time together. With Jordan in school, that time is few and far between these days. We felt really blessed to take a break together and reconnect. So thankful for the holidays!





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