I know that Christmas is over and it is almost January, but I figure we better have a little account of our Halloween to remember. We had such a fun time! The week of Halloween, Jordan and his boss, Shane, made visits to some of their HOA offices dressed up in costumes. They were Joe Dirt painters, and they looked pretty fantastic.


It was hilarious and horrifying. We spent a few nights before the big day carving our pumpkin (they only last for a few days here in AZ before imploding and disintegrating, so we have to wait a while every year). Jonah loved using the tools, but not so much the goop. He mostly just used the scoopers to play with seeds the whole time.


When Halloween night finally came, little man was SO excited! I explained to him what we would be doing at every house, but I think the only words that sunk in were “candy” and “friends.” He was so excited to go around our neighborhood with some of his best little friends from church. One of my favorite things about Jonah is how friendly and social he is, but it can also be stressful. All night long, he would just walk into people’s houses where we were trick-or-treating and make himself at home. He has zero stranger danger. All in all, it was pretty hilarious, though, and he kept us all laughing. We only went around for about a half hour and then spent the rest of the time block partying with our friends and scarfing food. It was tons of fun!

15903998738_6fc2bcb570_oOur little train conductor. He would NOT sit still all night because he was so excited, so this is the best we could do for a picture. Love that crazy little guy!


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