Jonah turned two a couple of weeks ago (party pictures to come!), and he is killing me with cuteness right now. We  had a rough period of several months where he was grumpy most days, and I thought about possibly selling him to the circus, but lately he has just been so hilarious and goofy. He still has random days of “terrible two” behavior, but for the most part I just can’t get enough. He has started talking a lot (all day… he doesn’t stop). I can’t understand some of it, but we are getting the hang of communicating with each other.

Some of my favorite Jonah-isms lately:

-“Moak” (Milk)

-“Shweek” (Drink)

-“Help You” (I need help)

-“Chee choo” (Train)

-“Dockie” (Cookie)

-“Deuce” (Juice)

-“Yah-yurt” (Yogurt)

-“Myah-yah” (Banana)

-He also loves to copy any phrase that we say… “How are you?” “I have it?” “I see it?” (Can I have it/see it?)

He has always loved undivided attention and prefers to play with Mom or Dad, instead of by himself, but now he can actually tell us when he wants us. It makes us laugh every time. He will come up and grab our leg or arm, pull us to where he is, pat the ground or chair, and say, “Sit!” very forcefully. The man knows how to express himself!

He is obsessed with Shrek, Choo Choos (Thomas), reading books, music (playing the piano, drums, or his doggy guitar), “Dard” (Curious George), and basically any form of transportation… cars, airplanes, tractors. He also LOVES looking at pictures of Jesus, which is very sweet. Jordan is a primary teacher at church, and he has a notebook of art work and class materials. Jonah will say multiple times a day, “See Jeus!” and we immediately have to go through the notebook and look at/talk about all of the pictures.

I am loving this crazy age and what comes with it, and I am just so glad I get to be this little nugget’s mom!

photo 1(3)

photo 2(3)

photo 3(4)

(P.S. It’s basically impossible to get a clear picture of him with my phone camera because he is constantly moving, so let’s just pretend these are of beautiful quality, mmkay?)


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