Misfit TV Stand

So, you know that creepy/cute/endearing claymation version of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer that is revived every  year around the holidays? The one where Rudolph and Hermey the Elf go on an adventure and end up in the Land of Misfit Toys? All of the toys are broken or have been made a little wonky and were thrown out, so they have been banished to live in a commune in the middle of the tundra. So sad. At the end (spoiler alert), Santa finds the right boys and girls that will love and cherish them forever, and delivers them on Christmas Eve. Cue tears.

Anyways, this is how I feel about furniture pieces. Sometimes, even some of the saddest things that have been cast out in the clearance section of the thrift store or put up in the free section of Craiglist just need the right person to love them (and, possibly, clean them up a bit!).  I have been looking for something to refurbish into a television stand lately, and I found this dresser on CL for super cheap… it was old/damaged and the owner, who originally wanted to re-do it, just lost interest. The picture was bad, but it looked worse in person. Yikes. I decided to take on a challenge and give it a good home. I have been sanding and cleaning the heck out of it, because it is definitely going to need some work, but I have some fun ideas for it!

Notable awful/hilarious things about it: It was obviously kept in a child’s room throughout the 80’s or 90’s because it had about thirty faded and dingy stickers stuck to the top (removed super easily… Thank you, Goof-Off!). One drawer is completely missing a side, the top left wood piece is missing, and the drawer slide is broken/looks like its been through a tornado. The top right wood piece attached to the drawer slide is being held on by rusty nails, old wood glue, and for some reason, disintegrating paper towels? (I have no idea) Needless to say, girlfriend needs a little zhuzh-ing.


photo 1(2)


photo 2(2)


photo 3(3)


Can’t wait to show the progress!


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