Sun and Sand

Last weekend, we took a little jaunt to visit my sweet aunt in California. She is the best hostess, cook, and trip organizer around, and we had a barrel of laughs! The only problem was that Jonah learned how to climb out of his Pack ‘n Play (which he thought was hilarious, of course), so no naps were had for three days. AKA Mom was quite frazzled the entire time. Other than that little hiccup, we were so glad to be able to visit family and just get away together before Jordan becomes a slave to MBA school (and we don’t see him again for two years) next week.

Our first day was spent at the beach, obviously! When we first got there, little man was NOT thrilled about the sand. Did not want to touch it, wanted to be held the whole time… our hopes of a fun and memorable first time for him were starting to diminish a bit. Thank goodness, once Jordan took him in the water and splashed around in the waves with him, he was HOOKED! We even ended up stopping by La Jolla on our way home so that we could play in the water some more.

We made things out of the sand, relaxed under umbrellas, swam, and ate a picnic of chicken satay, fruit, sodas, chips, and tons of other yummy snacks (seriously… Aunt Robin is THE best, you guys!). All in all, it was just a fantastic day.

photo 1

photo 2


photo 4

<Jonah and Auntie>

photo 3

<These two are the cutest around>


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