Shelves, Glorious Shelves

We have been in our house a year now, and it basically still looks like we just moved in… Yikes. We have about six pictures and one teeny pair of shelves hanging on the walls right now, and that’s it for the WHOLE place! Part of it is laziness, and part of it is planning for projects that are WAY more than we can handle as far as time and budgets go. We have been trying to figure out a shelf situation for our living room for the past 6 months (no joke). However, we FINALLY are working on them! We both were able to agree on this design from West Elm.


We mostly loved the shorter industrial-looking brackets with the reclaimed wood. However, at almost 100 bucks a pop for the longest shelf (which isn’t long enough for what we were planning), we decided to do figure out a more cost-friendly way to get the same look. Miraculously, the shelf brackets were on sale for CHEAP one night (in red… nothing a little spray paint can’t fix), so we ordered some and are anxiously awaiting their arrival! We are either going to use real reclaimed wood for the shelf piece or beat up and stain some new stuff. Can’t wait to share what they look like when they’re finished!

Here are some other DIY shelves that have been catching my eye around the interwebs lately:

honeycomb shelvesDIY Honeycomb Shelves on A Beautiful Mess

left-shelfDIY Mounted Shelving Unit on Almost Makes Perfect

paintedshapeshelf7via Apartment Therapy


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