Jonah Rose walks!

We have been waiting and WAITING for Jonah to start walking. He crawled really early, and hasn’t really shown interest in anything but since then. Most of his friends his age (and younger!) have already taken their first steps (or are walking around the block, eh Nancy? :).
I know that every child develops and reaches milestones differently, and that is totally fine, but the frustrating thing is KNOWING that he could if he would try when he won’t! He has been really timid, and just prefers to stand, think about it for a while, and slowly lower himself to the floor. Hahah. It’s definitely been a lesson in motherhood and letting him follow his own timetable!
Thankfully, the past few nights he has been taking more steps! Last night we even caught it on video. We are so proud of our little toddler! Enjoy!

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