Take Me Back

Lately, we’ve been really missing this place…


After living in places with actual seasons the past few years, I knew Autumn was going to be a hard time for us in Arizona. We miss the crisp temperatures, trips to Linville Gorge in North Carolina, how the leaves just kept changing and evolving in Tennessee for two months, Fall activities, and going to the apple orchard for an apple dumplin’. It really is the most fun and wonderful season there is!

Here, we are still at high in the 80’s and wearing shorts and flip flops. I hate to complain, since we are so lucky that the weather feels perfect and we just came out of four months of the 100’s. It’s hard not to feel really nostalgic for our previous home, though, especially when we miss it so much already.

I am so grateful to live in a place where we are so close to our families and can see them way more often than we were able to before. I treasure the time that Jonah has to spend with his family members and can’t wait until his Grandma and Grandpa Rose are home from South Africa to spend more time with him, too! There’s also just something about the desert landscapes and mountains of the West that make me feel so happy and homey.

However, every time we look at photos from Chattanooga or talk about our friends, we get really, REALLY homesick. Which is strange, because we lived there the least amount of time of any place. I guess when you know you love somewhere, you just know? I have kind of come to hate the old saying, “Home is Where the Heart Is.” What if pieces of your heart are in five different places and pulling you in all different directions?

I guess the end result of all of this is that I love having a literal and figurative home with my two guys. I know that no matter where we go, we are a forever family. Even if we aren’t always thrilled with what’s outside, we are able to make memories and create happiness within our own four walls. And that is wonderful.


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