What We’ve Been Up To

Last weekend, we went up North to Flagstaff to spend time with friends. Jordan and his long-time buddy Ammon did a triple pitch climb in Sedona, which is seriously one of the most beautiful places ever. As soon as we get his pictures and video uploaded, we will share them! Jordan gets so little time away from work that it is always nice to take a trip somewhere together as a family! 
Things are finally cooling down here in Gilbert, and we have been able to get out and enjoy the nicer weather a little bit. This means, we have finally been able to hang out together in the backyard! It has been no man’s land for the past few months, as we tend to hole up in the air conditioning of our home, Hobby Lobby, Target, Lowe’s, or any other place in which we can entertain ourselves for a little while and not sweat our guts out. The other morning was so nice that we all played and relaxed on a blanket in our grass.

I have also been trying to take Jonah to the park more often. He would go down the slide all day long, but when it comes to the swings or sand, he could kind of do without them. Homeboy’s going to have to get over it if he ever wants to survive Kindergarten!

Buddy and I spent this past weekend with my family up in Anthem while Jord took a boys’ trip to St. George. We also both got nasty colds… Why is it that whenever the man of the house leaves, we both get horribly ill!!? I will never understand it.
I know we have been in our house for, oh, four months now and I still have not posted pictures. I also know our friends and family have requested them about a hundred times. Sorry, guys 😦 I am working on it!
Most days, I am lucky if one room of the house is clean enough to take a photo of because of the little one-man tornado, so we are going to have to do this gradually. Also, I still have yet to hang anything on 89% of the walls.
Mostly, life is great, and we are loving every day! 🙂

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