5 Months of Jonah

Okay, so I realize Jonah is 9 months now and it is pretty sad that I am just posting 5 month pictures. However, this is the best way for my mom brain to keep track of his ages/stages, and why not share more pictures of that cute face!? šŸ˜‰
Also, what the heck is up with our background? More blogger issues, yet again. I tried to use a new template, and things just got messed up and wacky. Sigh. Maybe one day I will fix it.
Five months was a CRAZY time for us… We were in the process of getting ready to move/pack up our place in Hixson. Since we were relocating across the country and wanted to downsize, we were also selling tons of our furniture and belongings (we may have slept on a mattress on the floor for a month).
Jonah decided this would be a perfect time to stop napping. Oy vey. I know it’s typically a 5 month thing, but I thought that, since he was an awesome napper during the day up until that point, maybe I would get a break. Not so, people! Looking back now, it was probably from teething and all of the craziness.
He also had gotten really good at rolling around and could push himself up on his arms. If I left him alone on one side of his room and walked out, he would have rolled to the other side by the time I came back a couple of minutes later.

Love that little man!

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