We’re Still Here

Ummm yeeaaahhhh….
I realize it’s been quite a while since we updated. I doubt anyone will even read this, because you have probably given up on us. I have lots of excuses to give, but in a nutshell, it has been a busy several months, and I was bad about loading pictures. I’m a firm believer that a blog post is pretty lame-o without some pics, so I of course completely just decided to forgo posting anything altogether.
Since we last wrote, we moved from our beloved Chattanooga to Arizona. We are so grateful that Jordan was able to find work here and that we are close to family, but we miss the South somethin’ fierce. The wound is still too fresh to think about spending last summer hiking in the woods and going to the lake. We will always have the fondest of memories of Hixson, and we hope we can take Jonah back to the place where he was born eventually. 
Since coming to Arizona, we stayed with my family for a little (okay, long) while. We also BOUGHT A HOUSE! We are so excited, and have been busy moving in and making some repairs the past couple of weeks. We are living in Gilbert, and are really happy to be in an area that is smaller and close to a temple.
Jonah is doing great. I wanted to do some catch-up posts about his last few months. He is 9 months old and CRAZY. Definitely keeps me on my toes. I never realized how insanely mobile and curious about EVERYTHING he would be this early. He is super fun, though, and has the goofiest little personality. 
We have lots to post about, but here are some recent photos of our little dudemeister (and his super dirty car seat… sorry).


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