On February 4th last week, Jonah man had solids for the first time! I felt so bad feeding him that gross rice cereal… it reminds me of gruel from the movie/play Oliver! Oh well, once he gets the hang of eating, we will move on to yummier things. Plus, he doesn’t know any better, right? 🙂
He has been doing really well getting used to eating solids. Some days are kind of hit or miss, but I think we are getting in a groove now. Milestones like this are so bittersweet; it is fun that he is growing and having all of these new experiences, but I just want the nugget to stay little forever!
He is also rolling like a champ now, from front to back and back to front. Now that he can flip, he prefers to lay on his tummy and do pushups. What a cutie pie!

 Food, glorious food!


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