Biltmore Estate

Back in December, we took a little family excursion to Asheville, NC, to visit the Biltmore Estate. This is a mansion that was built for George Vanderbilt and his family up in the mountains of North Carolina, and it is definitely a sight! We have been wanting to go since we came out to the South, and figured we better get there before we leave.
Some hotel pictures:

 Somebody got his own Queen-sized bed to sleep on. And he loved it. Spoiled rotten!

All of the Christmas decorations were up, so there were beautiful trees in almost every room. It was ubelievable inside (we weren’t allowed to take pictures… Boo), and I kept telling Jordan I felt like I was in either the movie Beauty and the Beast or at Downton Abbey ๐Ÿ™‚ It rained the whole day we were there, so it was an adventure trying to keep a baby warm and dry for six hours, but we still had tons of fun!
 Then, the fog rolled in.

 A big thanks to my husband, Ansel Adams, for those last few artsy shots ๐Ÿ™‚

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