There is a tornado watch outside and it is POURING rain, so I guess I am not going to get groceries today like I intended??

Fine with me. Going to the store, especially with an infant, is my idea of torture anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

This sudden opening in my schedule has given me some time to ask some help from my ladyfriends! No discrimination, dudes. If you have opinions, let them be heard.

So. I have been growing my hair out now for about 2-ish years. It has kind of reached a point where it isn’t getting any longer, and I just feel so blah. Jonah loves to grab, pull, rip, etc. my hair, and I am getting really tired of wearing it in a bun EVERY. DAY. Also, the sudden post-pregnancy migration of all of the hair on my head to everywhere else except my head (namely, clothing, sheets, baby, bathroom floor, shower, comb, in my food) in clumps is just really making for a sad, flat-haired, and balding lady.

I am going to see my stylist on Friday, and am seriously contemplating doing a major chop, but it has been so long since it has been short that I have no idea what to do. I need help! These are some ideas that I found… I want it to still be long enough to pull back if I need to. I also don’t want to look too “cute.” Been there, done that. I am twenty-five and a mom. Have at it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Option 1:

I have loved Katharine McPhee’s hair on Smash. Couldn’t imbed photo, but here is a link.

Option 2:


Option 3:

Option 4:

Long bob-ish type cut to wear wavy or straight (kind of similar to option 2)

For reference, here it is right now:

I will probably color it somehow eventually, but I need to ease into it with the initial snipping. Thanks, everyone!



  1. I couldn't see option 1 but I do love 3 and 4!! But I also think you are beautiful and look good no matter what…. beware the after hormones…have you noticed after child birth everyone cuts their hair??? I kid you not! I did this twice…. and will never never never make that mistake again. So… I love that options because none are super short! You do not need to color it… it is sooo pretty! you could rock anything!

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