January Update

Oh my, where to begin. I have so many pictures to post from the past month and a half. We took our trip to North Carolina to visit the Biltmore Estate, went home to UT and AZ for Christmas, bought a new (to us) car, and had many other fun adventures.
Probably the biggest news we have is that we are moving back to the WEST! We were supposed to move to Nashville next month for another project with URS (the company Jordan works for), but we just felt like we needed a change from the bouncing around all over. We were going to just head to Utah for a little while until he found work, but thankfully, he was offered another position working with his cousin on a start-up project. Soooo….
We are going to Arizona!
It is so funny that we will be ending up there, at least for a while, since it’s where I’m from and I know my family has been anxiously awaiting the day we are able to come back (let’s be honest… they mostly just care that Jonah is there). We are a little bummed that we won’t be able to go to Utah… it would be awesome to be around our family there and give the little man some cousins to rough house with 🙂 Plus, nowhere can beat summer time in that place! However, we are SO excited to be around baby’s grandparents, uncle, great-grandparents, and great aunt! It will be a blast.
There’s a lot to do before we leave next month, and we will be making a cross-country road trip with a baby. Heaven help us. Also, I obviously need to start getting all bronzed and ripped since it will be swimming weather in, like, February 😉 Har dee har
I will slowly be posting some pictures and updates, so check back soon!

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