4 Months

It’s so hard to believe that our little man is (over) 4 months already! The first month or two kind of seemed to drag because of sleep deprivation, but lately the time has been FLYING. It is so bittersweet… I love to see him grow and learn new things, but every time I hold him or feed him I just tell myself, “Remember this.. Remember this..” because I know this small and still kind of helpless stage is so fleeting.
Jonah is getting big! At his 16 week appointment, he was 25 1/2 inches (80th percentile) and 13 pounds, 14 ounces (40th percentile). He is wearing 6 month clothes. We have been working a lot on tummy time, and he is getting great at it. Every morning when he wakes up, I hear him cooing and jabbering to himself; when one of us goes in to get him, he picks his head up and smiles so big. Precious. 

He has rolled over a couple of times from tummy to back in his sleep and during play time, but it is still not a regular thing. He keeps trying and trying to go from back to front, but he is still struggling with that one a little bit 🙂 He is doing really well at holding his toys and sticking them in his mouth. Actually, sticking EVERYTHING in his mouth. We have a thumbsucker on our hands, and can even hear him doing it in his sleep from the other room sometimes. He smiles and laughs, but only if you work really hard for it. Dad is good at getting giggles out of him!

He is also already showing his little personality, and it is hilarious. I think we have a very stubborn and strong-willed child on our hands. Oh no. He is sleeping great, for the most part, so he still isn’t eating solid foods, yet. We just love this cutie guy!


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