More Pictures

I (Alyssa) am back! We will try to keep updating as much as we can; blogging has just taken a bit of a back seat to Mister Jonah man and everything that goes along with him. These are kind of a hodge podge over the past month and a half… my phone has been absolutely taken over by pictures of him, so I think it is time to share some!

Be still, my heart!

I can’t even handle the cuteness that are his little lips and chubby cheeks… I probably smooch them about a hundred times a day. I’m sure if he could talk, he’d be like, “Really, Mom? Again?”

Jonah and Dad dancing 

Baby’s first manicure!

Jordan’s doppelganger
Our little punkin’ head
Last but not least, we started sleep training today, and this is how Jonah feels about it. Hahah

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