31 Weeks Baby Update

It is hard for us to believe that Baby is in the “30 Weeks” range and we really only have about 2 months left. Summer has been breezing by and for a while we felt pretty unprepared, but we have had a little more time lately to plan for him.
We finally got our stroller and car seat, and now there are actually some diapers and wipes up in his closet. It’s a miracle! There is definitely still a lot more that needs to be done, but we are slowly moving along over here!
 Week 30/31
Little man is doing great. He is most definitely a mover; some days are more calm than others, but for the most part he likes to break dance in my belly all day and night. We are starting to be able to feel harder body parts from the outside, even though we can’t distinguish which ones they are.

I am starting to get pretty uncomfortable, just mostly in my back, and some of the nausea is coming back now and then (probably because my stomach is smooshed). Other than that, feeling pretty good! Except when the aforementioned “uterus break dancing” occurs throughout the night while I am trying to sleep 🙂

Lots of people have been remarking on how big my stomach is getting and how I look like I am “ready to pop” (isn’t that always fun!?;) so I guess he is growing quite nicely. Also, my belly button looks like it was experimented on by aliens.

Baby also has a NEW COUSIN! Congratulations, Amy and Matt, on sweet baby Tyson! We are so happy he is here and excited to see you all in August!

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