On the way home from the beach, we decided to stop for a night in Savannah. We have been wanting to spend a weekend there for a while, but haven’t been able to get out that way and don’t foresee it happening again any time soon.
Yet again, it was super hot, sweaty, sticky, and uncomfortable, but we took a trolley tour and made the best of it!
 I call this one “Great with Child on Cobblestone Streets”

 We walked down by the river for a while and took in all of the old brick buildings and factories

 I apologize for the next few off-center/terrible quality photos… after being out in the heat for too long, we decided to just enjoy some of the beautiful squares from our car 🙂

 It’s hard to tell, but this hotel was NUTS. It was rated four diamonds (I don’t know anything about the rating system, but that sounds pretty snazzy). It was huge, and you could see tons of sculptures and amazing chandeliers inside from the windows.
More from instagram…

 Trolley nerds!
 All tuckered out… My precious lamb 🙂
 Wigs a’plenty
All in all, it was a wonderful week, and we are so glad we got to take our last big road trip together before the little sugar bean joins us!

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