Myrtle Part Deux

Huntington Beach… I loved the grass and reeds growing out of the sand

 Photos from the Hampton Plantation… sadly we went on a day when the tour was closed, so we just walked around the grounds while guessing what certain things were for and being eaten alive by mosquitoes. 

That tree was MASSIVE and beautiful… apparently, the original owner of the home wanted to chop it down so that he could have a better view of his race track from his window. Men! Thankfully, George Washington discouraged him from it, and it is still standing today.

 Later, we stopped for some dessert at the Hopsewee Plantation, but only stayed long enough to enjoy cake (or, shall I say, a slice of Heaven?) and have an elderly lady tell us to stop swatting at her pet ‘skeeters.
One day, after the boys got home from golf, we all headed to Huntington State Park to scout out some gators! 

Seriously the sweatiest I have ever been in my life. Enjoy!


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