Life Lately

Oh, hey…
Haven’t had a lot to update the past week. We’ve been doing lots of baby browsing (seriously, how many car seats are there to choose from? I never realized until now). Little man’s crib should be coming any time today! Wahoo! We are planning to set it up for FHE tonight, so I will try and do some documentation.
Also, I have been working a lot on this  project, though it is going a little slower than I would like because it has been 90 degrees and above every day and my body has become an oven.
Once that’s complete, I just have to keep working on the nursery and getting it all put together! I have some more DIY ideas (thanks to Pinterest) to keep myself occupied.
This whole nesting thing is no joke… I am not even in the third trimester, yet (one more week) and I seriously just spend every day trying to do something new to baby’s room or the house or trying to find a new thing to clean/organize. 

Also, we have decided that we might take a little trip with our friends over the Fourth to this place….

Ahhh… Myrtle Beach

The whole “having a giant belly” thing on the beach this year has been making me a little wary, but I got a sassy new swimsuit, so here’s hoping I feel a lot like this…

and less like this…

Can’t wait! 🙂

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