A couple of Sundays ago, we woke up from our nap and decided to take a little hike-walk at a big park/outdoor center by our church (this explains why we are basically in our pajamas).
It was just starting to get really warm at night, so the ol’ pregnant body wasn’t able to last for long, but we still had fun being outside and exploring a little bit.
We even got to see some fireflies! Even though the season for them doesn’t last very long, lightning bugs have been one of my favorite parts of living in the South. They just melt my heart, and I wish I could carry them around in a jar with me without inadvertently murdering them πŸ™‚ 

So glamorous!
 Jord’s “I forgot my tooth at home” smile

I can’t look at this without giggling

 From what I can gather, Chatt is all about growing. There are lots of community gardens and farmers markets. This one was pretty huge, and I had major garden envy!

The quarry

I realize the quality of that little blurb isn’t top notch… Hopefully you can see them. Please ignore the husband making fun of my totally awesome shorts. He’s so cheeky!



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