Back in March, before the big move, we went on a cruise to the Bahamas with our friends. We had lots of fun and spent a lot of time in the sun, exploring, trying to play goofy golf on the top of a windy boat (not recommended), and eating lots of molten lava cake (Jordan and Paul).

Sadly, Nancy and I were deep in the throes of 1st trimester nausea, so the trip was a little interesting. In the future, if I know that I am having difficulty keeping food down on land, I will probably avoid setting sail 🙂

However, it was still a great time, and Jord/Paul/Nancy’s friend Matlock and his super cool wife Brittney (otherwise known as Brittlebottoms) even came all the way from UT to join us! Wahoo!

The first day on shore we went to Nassau, and we decided to rent some scooters to get to a more secluded beach (don’t worry, Mom and Dad, we were very safe :). I am really glad we did; it was neat to be able to see more of the island and get away from all of the other tourists.  

Not pictured but notable events: the boys snorkeling (they saw an octopus!), cool colonial buildings and churches, and possibly the best shave ice of my life.

 Though it may look like they were taking a leisurely drive through the projects, I assure you this wasn’t the case.

  Just us lookin’ like real cool cats


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  1. Wow that looks so fun!! What a great idea to do a trip before babykins comes along. EJ and I often dream of going back to the Dominican…maybe in 18 years or so? 😉

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