Bahamas Part Deux

More photos from our Bahamas trip…
 Gratuitous towel animal picture. Ours was a puppy

 11 or 12 weeks… I remember feeling “so fat.” If Alyssa then could see Alyssa now, she would change her tune 🙂

 Our second day on shore was in Freeport. I forgot the name of this beach… When we first got there, it was raining, but thankfully it cleared up throughout the day. Our van driver (I think his name was Bear?) was pretty hilarious; I wish we had taken a picture with him!

 Conch Fritters. So yummy.

 Jordan doing some Tom Petty karaoke. He’s so brave. Dreamboat!

 Our resident boat magician, Sri. He blew our minds nightly at our dinner table, so the last night we decided to hit his private magic show in the lounge. It was basically us and three children under the age of twelve. Sigh, magic is a way under-appreciated craft. He was the bomb!

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