Second Hand

As we are settling in, we have been slowly trying to figure out what to do with baby’s room. I scored a dresser and small nightstand on Craigslist for cheap that I am going to paint and hopefully shine up like new, but they need A LOT of work. In the meantime, we thought we would take a look at some furniture places and thrift stores.

We went to Goodwill just to see what was there. It was bad.

Usually I am a huge fan of the GW, but I feel like this just wasn’t our day. Oh, DI, how I miss you so! Thrifting just isn’t the same here in the South without you.

We didn’t find anything remotely useful; however, we did happen upon these gems.

Luckily, a picture is worth a thousand words, because I have about a hundred questions regarding this one

A strange Medieval torture device/cat toy

We also found a slew of 90’s neon windbreakers and about 50 used bedskirts.

Oh, Tennessee, how I love you already. 

One comment

  1. That clown picture literally sent a chill through my entire body. I'm pretty sure the story behind that involves a serial killer. I'm just sayin'.

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