Day to Day

Here are some photos of what we’ve been up to lately… More in detail to come!

Top to Bottom:

1. & 2. A view of Chattanooga and the Tennessee River at sunset from the pedestrian bridge downtown. We grabbed a gelati from Rita’s and took an evening stroll 🙂

3. The church building we went to when we were staying downtown in the hotel… it was so beautiful!

4. While Jordan golfed one afternoon, I rode along in the cart and took pictures of pretty scenery. It is GREEN here!

5. The hunky man bouldering… in flip flops. When we saw these bad boys, he couldn’t contain himself!

6. Date night at the laundromat when we were staying in the hotel. We still don’t have a washer/dryer, and it has been almost two weeks since we moved into our place. Oops. Baby steps!

7. First time ever using expectant mother parking. Coolest thing ever! I felt so VIP… was tempted to wave and blow kisses at everyone

8. Jord climbing OUTSIDE! It’s been a while for him. Charlotte wasn’t too hip on the whole “outdoor sports” thing. Bless his heart.

9. I went to BI-LO the other day literally in my pajamas and found it hilarious. Pregnancy rules, you can get away with anything! Yes, that is my grimy t-shirt from high school PE. And, yes, my name is written on it in Sharpie. Class, class, class…

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