Movin’ In!

It’s true! We found a place and have finally been moving in this week. I promise to do lots of catch-up posting once we get settled, but right now is pretty hectic and we don’t have Internet set up. How am I writing this post, you might ask? Oh, just piggybacking off the neighbors’ wifi… Mwahaha. I just figure it can be a “welcome to the neighborhood” gift and they won’t have to bring us a casserole later 😉 We are starting to like our new place, despite some reservations at first. It is literally 2-3 minutes from Jord’s work, so he can come home for lunch. Wahoo! Most of this week has been spent wrangling up furniture (bless you Craigslist) and unpacking boxes. Friday is THE day… Two more and we get to see Baby Rose (on the ultrasound of course). We are hoping the little nugget isn’t shy so we can find out whether we need to be shopping for blue or pink. Cross your fingers for us! Sorry if we have been a little MIA… We will email and post more once things slow down. MUAH!


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