Well, Hello! Long time no write, family and friendlies.
I don’t have a lot of time, and am currently typing from the “Business Center” at the Marriott, so I will make this short-ish.
We made it to Chattanooga!! Wahoo! We are really liking it here, so far. Finding a place has been…shall we say… a bit of a burden? Apparently, everyone and their mom here rents, as opposed to buying, so good, affordable rentals in nice areas are hard to come by. There were a few days where each one that I looked at and loved was gone in about three hours. Discouraging. However, we are finally moving into a townhouse on Monday (the 14th… aka our ANNIVERSARY!)and we are glad to at last have somewhere to rest our heads that doesn’t involve putting a “sleeping” sign on our doorknob each night.
Also, met my new OB yesterday, and he is super! I can already tell that we are going to like him. An ultrasound appointment is set for NEXT FRIDAY! Finally, we will be able to find out whether “little mysterious” is a lady baby or a man cub.
So far, there are a few things that we have learned about Chatt:
-Most people have pretty thick accents (that are awesome)
-It is a bit warmer than we expected
-The mountains and rivers are super pretty, and we are glad to finally have some variation in landscapes
-Bugs, bugs, bugs
-From my experience so far, people are very nice and very honest… almost to the point of being shameless, sometimes (which is also pretty awesome/hilarious)
-There is a lot of climbing, hiking, biking, along with lots outdoorsy granola types πŸ™‚
-There’s also a pretty huge local food movement here, meaning tons of farmer’s markets, and a lot of restaurants get their food from within 100 miles. Yum. Sanctuary!
All in all, things are good. We are excited about this new adventure and really excited to settle into our new home. I will update a little more once I am back to our computer and our own internet. Much love!


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