Thoughts on the First Trimester


Just kidding 🙂

While I do not claim to be a professional on pregnancy, (or babies… I literally asked my best friend the other day if her 5 month old had started talking yet. Really, Alyssa? Shall we just name this baby “guinea pig?”)I thought I would share some thoughts/tips that I have discovered over the past few months.

Like many, I did not have a very easy time the first trimester. Around 6 weeks, I started getting morning, afternoon, and night sickness that lasted up until a week or so ago. Not fun. I hate complaining, because I know this is a sign that baby is doing well and that all the hormones in the body are doing their job, but it is definitely difficult. Especially when you are working full time and trying to survive through the day without yonking on your co-workers.

I know that not everyone experiences “the sickness,” but for friends that are pregnant, will be soon, or plan to be again in the future, here are some things that helped me survive months 1-3:

-Going to bed early! Seriously, sleep is your best friend

-Keeping some kind of something by the bed to keep your stomach full; I hated saltines and crackers after a while, so I tried dry cereal (Honey Nut Cheerios), tortilla chips, and prezels.

-Stay out of the kitchen. Seriously. All of the smells of the refrigerator and cooking will just make it worse. Buy some freezer meals or Taco Bell for your husband/family and just let it be.
(Also, have someone do your grocery shopping. It sounds really needy, but being around all of those food aromas in one place can be really awful and overwhelming).

-I know that not everyone is this way, but I could not take hot showers without feeling like I was going to faint. Try to stay cool!

-Don’t feel obligated to do anything or be anywhere for any reason. Since we weren’t telling a lot of people, I felt bad turning down plans to spend time with our friends, but who really wants a barfy sick person at their get-together anyway!? If you feel sick, let your body rest.

-Don’t beat yourself up about that fact that you laid on the couch all night for four nights in a row eating Push-Pops and watching Friday Night Lights. You aren’t “boring.” You’re growing a human.

-There aren’t a lot of medicines and remedies that worked for me, but maybe you might have better luck. Ginger gum and Seabands were kind of a bust, but I have heard other people say they work. I used Emetrol and Zofran (prescription) when it got really bad, but your doctor has to okay them.

Mostly, just take it easy, sleep a ton, drink your weight in ginger ale, and try to remember there is a little nugget in there who is excited to meet you in 7 or 8 months.



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