Easter Feast(er)

I realize that it is way past the holiday, but I wanted to share some pics from our Easter holiday. Somehow, every year Jordan and I manage to not be together on this wonderful holiday. So sad. Maybe next time around? Let us hope. Thankfully, I had these beauties lying around to remind me of him! (the poor irises that were originally part of the bunch decided that the AZ heat was too much for them to handle)

Since my poor blind, diabetic dalmatian was feeling under the weather, we decided to take advantage of his docile state and torture him with embarrassing pictures. Poor Rowdy. Someone call animal control. Isn’t he such a cute Easter dog, though? 😉

Pure joy.

Later on we had a delicious feast at my grandma and grandpa’s house, complete with yummy fried chicken, potato salad (which I have been craving for a month), and lots of other fixins. It was so wonderful to spend time with my family, even though Jord couldn’t be there with us. 😦 Later, we took some fabulous bunny ear photos, complete with a 16 week tummy update! A blurry phone picture, but I’m sure you get the gist.

Easter is one of my favorite holidays; not only does it happen during springtime when everything is so bright and beautiful, but it is such a reminder of how much my Savior loves me and how blessed I am every day.

Life is pretty grand, isn’t it!?


  1. I was wondering how that little belly of yours was coming along – mine is feeling huge lately! Glad you are over the sickness, this next trimester is a lot better! Can't wait to find out what your having!Amy

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