Catch-Up…Ketchup? Catsup?

Oh, hey…

So, we are finally moved out of our apartment in Matthews! It was a little bittersweet. We are really excited to be going to a new place and experiencing a different town, but it was really sad to leave our Charlotte/Raleigh friends and our first apartment together.

I may or may not have spent my last morning in the place sobbing while vacuuming and cleaning out the refrigerator. Very attractive. Hope I didn’t wake the neighbors.

Now, Jordan is off in Michigan and I am at home in AZ with my family. It has been lots of fun. You know what isn’t lots of fun? BEING AWAY FROM YOUR HUSBAND FOR A MONTH! Blah!

Bless the inventors of Skype. And thank you, Steve Jobs, for my iPhone. Not only is it like my child, but it allows me to see Jordan when I talk to him. Hoorah!

Really, I just feel like such a complainer. I can’t imagine being/having a spouse in the military and being away from your husband or family for, what, 8 or 9 months at a time? Maybe more? When I think about that, I feel like an ungrateful whiney baby woman 🙂

Anywho, I am trying to use this time to relax, maybe work on some fun projects with my mommy, brainstorm new things I could do for our next apartment to keep it organized and make it feel homey, and catch up on sleep. It’s a rough life.

I have lots to post about, including our trip to the Bahamas (which was quite fun, I might add!), so I will try to get going on some pictures for this thing. It’s a little difficult right now, since I am away from my own computer, but we will see what I can do.

Until next time!

Sidenote: Not to brag, but my hunky husband sent me flowers yesterday. They’re pretty cool, and smell really awesome. What a cutie pie! Thanks, boo!

Also, Jordan is doing great (I can’t believe I forgot to mention that until now. Talk about self-absorbed!) He is really busy working on this new project, and is enjoying having lots to do every day. What is not so great for him is being in a tiny place with not much to offer in the excitement department. Wah wah wahhh….


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