Wedded Bliss

Seven months ago today (or, I guess yesterday, as of 12 AM) we were sealed together in the Salt Lake City Temple.

Yes, we are those annoying people who count their marriage by the month… give us a break, it’s all we have until May 🙂

We have come to an agreement that it has been the best 7 months that each of us has ever had, and we are delighted and anxious for more.

Here’s to the next seventy years + forever, Mr. Rose!

On a less cheesy (but still, actually, cheesy) note, is it bad that I am craving pepperoni pizza at midnight? Like, intensely. All I can do is wistfully think about Papa John’s and wonder what it would taste like. Probably better than I can even imagine. Woe is me!!

Also, I am addicted to chocolates. The kind that come in a box. Preferably from Costco. Oh, holidays… How fat I will be when you are over! At least I will be happy!

Buenos Nachos… Errr, Noches!


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