Remember Me?

Hello, loved ones.

So, I’ve been absent from the blogosphere for some time. With Thanksgiving and lots of other things occupying our time around these parts, there has been little time left for updating.

Here are some highlights to tide you over until I can REALLY blog up a storm!

– I now have ice on my windshield every morning when I leave to go to work. Jack Frost is doing his job!

– Speaking of Jack Frost, we watched that movie this week (the 70’s claymation version, obviously).

– Thanksgiving was wonderful; we spent some fun times with our good friends, met their sweet family members, ate so much pie we almost turned into one, and the husband went to D.C. for the first time!

– We are anxiously anticipating our trip to AZ/UT for Christmas time

– I am addicted to hot chocolate

– Jordan and I have both been a little under the weather this week, so mostly we’ve been laying around feeling sorry for ourselves, drinking TheraFlu by the cupfulls, and sticking wads of tissue up our noses so they’ll stop running. Classy.

– Next week is Jordan’s 29th Birthday!! (In other words, my family members need to call and sing him a birthday song…. December 11)

Tonight, we are hopefully going to find a teeny Christmas tree and some cute decorations for our little home and, also, look for presents for the hunky man.

Life is good, and we are happy 🙂

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