Changing the Clocks

So, this past weekend was daylight savings time in the East (and, well, lots of other places).

Can I just say that this phenomenon still messes with my mind?

As a born and raised Arizona girl (one of two states that don’t participate), I always feel super out of sorts when the time changes.

I know it’s only an hour, and I am not complaining that I got to sleep longer yesterday morning (wahooo!), but I am still so confused. Like, this morning it was so bright when I woke up, I was almost positive that my alarm didn’t go off and I was late for work. Also, I looked at the clock not too long ago, expecting it to be around 10-something AM, and realized it was actually 12 PM.

Whaaaa? Why is this happening? Is this real life?

Soon enough, I figure the days will stop feeling like they are being fast forwarded, but as for now, I’m freakin’ out, man! 😉

Oh, time… you are just a wily mistress, aren’t you?


One comment

  1. Isn't it just the weirdest thing? I mean, who decided this? When was it ok for humans to decide that they reserve the right to actually control 'time?' As usual, reminds me of the Seinfeld where Kramer decides to go back an hour on a totally different day. hehe

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