Help! I need somebody

I know I keep promising lots of pictures and updates, but ladies and gents, I am SWAMPED.

I kept complaining this morning while Jord and I were getting ready that I feel so out of control with my life that I don’t know what to do with myself, and it’s true. I can’t tell whether or not it’s because of increased responsibilities or the whole “sharing a car between two people” thing, but I feel like I have no time for anything outside of work. By the time we get home, eat, and things slow down, I can’t muster up the energy to get much done.

SO! I spent my break at work today making a huge list (Seriously, HUGE. Like, takes up a whole page huge) of all the things I want/need to get done. Sadly, creating a mass of blog posts about what we’ve been up to is somewhere down toward the bottom.

However, organizing, cleaning, and revamping our apartment is at the top. That’s where you come in! I need some major advice/help regarding how to keep a small space neat and tidy. Our place is VERY little, and I feel like it is always messy because we have nowhere to put anything.

If you have any ideas for me, I would greatly appreciate it. Favorite organization methods, cheap-ish and small furniture or organizational items that have been a life saver for you, or any ways you can think of how to get rid of clutter without needing a giant bookshelf or tons of room. We especially need help in our bedroom and kitchen. I know all of my friends (and mother :-D) are super women when it comes to this, so I have high hopes here! I am talking to you, Katherine πŸ™‚

If it can be neat and tidy while also being cute and homey, more power to ya! I understand that all of you are super busy, too (i.e. my two bests that are having cute little bebes VERY soon!), but even something small will do.

Bless you, friends! Advice, engage!

P.S. I already checked Pinterest. Yes, there are many cute ideas, but most of them seem either way too time consuming, out of my price range, or just not right for our space. Also, most of them made me feel like the least creative being on the Earth, so I stopped looking


  1. Oh my love, I feel your pain. Organizing small apartments is just a joy. Hmmm…a good old fashioned cleanse of your closet for D.I. is always a good place to start. Do they have an Ikea there? Ikea has these hanging organizers for closets that are very useful–it helped me get rid of my need for a dresser, which saved us a lot of space. As far as the kitchen goes, get rid of anything you don't use often. While it may be hard to get rid of stuff for sentimental reasons, if it's something you use once or twice a year, you can live without it. Hanging organizers for the back of doors are nice too, to save space. I will keep thinking about things…sorry if that wasn't helpful at all!

  2. This is totally a help! These are all good ideas! I have known deep inside that I should probably go through all of my clothes and toss some, but I needed an intervention from an outside source to make me do it πŸ™‚ We do have an Ikea; maybe I will go this weekend and check it out. Getting rid of kitchen items is a good idea… It is so hard because I like to think that one day I will use some of them, when I really probably won't. You are awesome. Also, little man is coming this week and I am excited! Wahoooooo!

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