After that last post, I felt the need to elaborate on the whole birthday thing.

Last friday was my birthday. It was also Mexican Independence Day, in case you were wondering.

Twenty-three was the best that I have had so far, and I will always feel quite wistful for it.

I spent so much time with my best friends and had lots of laughs living in Utah. We also had some really fun family times, during the holidays in AZ, and I get a little teary when I think about being around them.

Heck, I got proposed to by and married to the neatest guy on the planet (woo hoo!), so that pretty much sums it up. We had a wonderful wedding and got to road trip across the United States together until we got to our cozy home here in Charlotte (who cares if it’s teeny and falling apart?).

However, I really have high hopes for this whole being 24 thing. I get to hang out with Jordan every day (which, obviously, was a lame thing about the past year… how did we ever survive being across the country from one another?). Fall is coming now, so the nasty humid heat is over and the leaves will be changing and looking beautiful soon. We are hoping to visit our families during the holidays. We are also excited to become more active in our ward and callings.

Also, doesn’t it sound a little more sophisticated? Like, I am almost in my mid-twenties? No? Just humor me this once.

Anywho, I am anxious to see where the next year will take our little family (maybe to the west side of the U.S. eventually? A girl can dream). I have a feeling this year may be my new best. Raise a glass, my friends!

My 23rd birthday on Squaw Peak in Provo Canyon with my beautiful friends Rima and Carly. Little did we know then where we’d be now! (C: recently married to her sweetheart Devin and living in Idaho, R: living in Sweden… yeah, she’s hip like that)



  1. Cute! So glad I got to share your 23rd year with you 🙂 I'm sure your 24th will be even better! Now we just gotta work on that whole West coast thing…miss you!

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