In Remembrance

Today, I feel very humbled. I am so lucky to have my life and my freedom. I am grateful for a loving family, a wonderful husband, and to be part of a country that is so strong and resilient. Honestly, I have been kind of dreading today because of the emotions that it stirs up; anger, sadness, vulnerability.

Though I was nowhere near NYC ten years ago during that day that will never be forgotten, I think of those that were hurt or lost their lives and can’t help but feel some sort of camaraderie toward them. I am so thankful for all of the men and women that were part of the rescue effort of 9/11 (including my brave and super cool dad), and know how much courage it took to try and save those that were lost.

Last year, we were visiting NYC over September 11 and made a stop at Ground Zero to pay our respects.

I am so blessed to be an American. It is easy to take our country for granted and complain about its leadership or problems with “the system,” but there really is no better place to live. I am able to worship and believe the way that I want without having to hide it. Heavenly Father has been so good to me and our small little family, and I look forward to one day teaching our children about this land and all of the many wonders that it provides for us.


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