Our weekend in photos…

Remember when Paul and Nancy came down to visit and we had oodles of fun and ate approximately 33 rolls from Texas Roadhouse?

Just kidding about that last part, but wouldn’t that be awesome!?

We had Jordan’s old roommate and his wife as guests this weekend, and it was great! Jord and I went up to visit them in Cary a couple of months ago, so we figured it was time to host them in our humble abode, despite the fact that there is very little space and we have one bathroom. In our room. They were great sports about it 🙂

Friday, we had some dinner and went to the dollar movie to see X-Men: First Class. Saturday, we had a lazy morning, complete with biscuits and gravy. Then, the men went golfing and the women went Uptown to walk around the NoDa district, take some pictures, and snack on yummy treats.

That night, we hit up THE T.R. for some delicious BBQ and grub. Drool. All in all, we had a lovely time full of lots of laughing, movie quoting, and Rock Band playing.

Sunday, the Roses decided to take it easy. This means that we napped for three hours and watched movies all day. Score! I also got some exciting news, but that will have to wait for later 🙂 Here is some documentation of the fun!



  1. Okay, everybody, the news is not that we have a little "rosebud" on the way, though it would be nice to start stockpiling some presents for the future. hahah It is about my church calling, but I don't think I am supposed to spill the beans about it yet. I am getting very excited, though 🙂 Miss you pretty ladies!

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