Oh, boy


(You couldn’t hear it, but I said that like Ross from Friends when he is feeling melancholy)

Today was kind of a doozy. I have been settling into my new job for the past week-ish; I am so grateful to be working again and am liking the company and all of the people I am getting to know, but I always forget how overwhelming starting over can be.

Do you ever have those times when you get super stressed out and where you want to go somewhere private and curl in a ball and whimper to yourself? No? Yeah, me neither.

After a long day of feeling like a complete noob, I came home and ate an entire 12-inch meatball sub while watching Mad Men. On the floor. In my underclothings. Quite a pretty picture, no?

I’ll cut it out with being a grumpy gills and update you on our weekend! Friday…. I can’t even remember what we did now. Oh, yes, Rock Band. We also may or may not have gotten reprimanded by neighbors for being too loud. Oops. When you’re slappin’ the bass, you just can’t fight it, ya know!?

Saturday, we were all pumped to go hiking at Crowder’s Mountain (the nearest thing to our beloved Provo Canyon out here), but 3/4 of the way through our journey, it started pouring. Classic Charlotte! Instead, we drove around looking at the pretty scenery and stopped in the visitor’s center to play with the bird watching exhibits and play hide and seek in its fake rock walls. Naturally.

What the view of Crowder’s Mountain might have looked like, had we made it to the top.

Sunday, we had a delicious BBQ with some friends in Uptown. I also gave a talk in church… and may have started bawling like a puny baby during the middle of it. That’s what happens when you get Lyssie Poo all nervous in front of a congregation! It ended up going well, however, and we are really enjoying our ward and all of the sweet people and families that belong to it.

That was about it for the weekend; I still have some updating to do about some fun times we have been having, so I will try my best to post a little more later. The rest of the evening will be spent grocery shopping (joy!)and convincing Jordan that my frustrating day deserves at least five straight minutes of him playing with my hair.

He’s really good at it. Don’t tell anyone. It will ruin his street cred.

Adieu, adieu, to you and you and you.



  1. hahaha I can so hear the Ross "hiiiii." Don't you just love those days? I think your recipe of Mad Men and meatball sub is genius though–I will have to remember that. Hang in there, shmoops! Baby Morgan is getting excited to meet his Auntie Alyssa!!

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