It smells like mushrooms and everyone looks like they want to hurt me…

I’m alive!

Just busy. Thus, the lack of updating. Sorry, fans. Fans meaning my mom and dad, who are the most devoted of readers 🙂

I survived an apocalypse of sorts today. I was on my way home from work (!!! yes, I am employed now. Hallelujah!), and decided to make a stop at the Asian market for some much needed cooking staples.

I know I have talked about this place before, but I have to reiterate just how amazing it is. Part of the reason is because it’s super authentic, which also means that I am unable to find half of the stuff on my list most of the time because everything on the labels and aisles is written in another language.

When I was walking through the parking lot to go in, there was some lightning and a faint smell of rain. During my perusing, I could hear thunder and lots of commotion outside. There I was, trying to find some tamarind paste, when the entire store went pitch black!

I sat there for a second, waiting for something to happen, but there were only a couple flickers of the lights, and then more blackness. Eventually, they a few emergency lights on, and started instructing everyone how to proceed on the loud speaker… in Chinese. Uhhh, let’s just say I’m not familiar with that dialect.

Thankfully, it was made known to me that they would only have fifteen minutes of backup power, so if I wanted to get my groceries, I needed to get my booty on the move. I tried to find some meat, but couldn’t really tell the difference between all of the different things available in the dark. A sweet clerk tried to help me, but I ended up just shouting “Chicken thighs! Chicken thighs!” incessantly at him until we both gave up.

As you probably guessed (since you are reading this), I made it out in one piece. That’s what you get with these crazy NC storms. After that little ordeal, we had a lovely dinner together and went to Jordan’s company softball game.

Now, my little darlings, my pillow is calling my name every so sweetly, but keep your eyes peeled for some craaaazy updating this weekend! Adieu


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