Monday, Monday…

I had ice cream for breakfast this morning.

It is one of those days.

A case of the Mondays, perhaps?

After a fun and relaxing weekend, it is always hard when the ol’ hubby goes back to work and I am left to my own devices when it comes to entertainment.

Oh please oh please, somebody employ this poor soul! I am pretty cheerful most of the time (unless I am hungry, in which case, back away slowly) and I know how to napkin fold. I mean, come on, people!

While I am in this… transitionary state, I need some good ideas of cheap and talent improving/life brightening distractions. The only ones I have come up with so far are volunteering, blogging (obviously), and going to the library and/or Big Lots at least thrice a week. Ayudame, por favor!

On a more fun (and less pathetic) note, we had a wonderful weekend. Friday night, we had our friends Kei and Nami over for some Massaman Curry(we’re pretty hooked on Thai food around here lately)and a few rousing games of Rummikub. Jordan and Kei work together, and he and his sweetie of a wife are here in Charlotte from Japan. It is fun to spend time with them comparing cultures and languages, and it makes us feel like we should be a little less whiney when it comes to missing our families and friends (at least we are still in the same country!)

Saturday, we were able to drive down to Columbia, SC, to visit the temple and drive around town a little bit. It was good for us to get away for a day, even if it wasn’t very far, and visit a new place. Downtown Columbia is really beautiful and full of some really amazing architecture. We stopped at an old church to walk around the grounds and graveyard; some of the tombstones were from the 1800’s.

Yesterday afternoon, we had some of Jordan’s friends over to watch F1 racing and Top Gear and BBQ brats (obviously, all of these things were my idea. kidding 😉 sometimes, you just gotta live in a man’s world, ladies!) We capped the evening off with a nice sunset walk. I wish I would have taken pictures of my hair… when we left, it was tied back tight in a ponytail, but by the time we got back home, I had developed a strange curly crown of baby hairs all around my forehead. Gorgeous. Gotta love the humidity!

I am so grateful we were able to have such a great past couple of days. Next time, the things we’ve learned about living in the South. Stay tuned!



  1. Oh Alyssa my love–I have so so been in your place when we first got married, and I'm in your place again now. WHY ARE WE NOT IN THE SAME CITY?? lol When I was jobless before, I took a cake decorating class (so fun!), went to the gym a lot, tried to explore local stores, made a wedding scrapbook, did lots of baking and cooking, and called my compassionate service leader to see what service I could do for girls in the ward. Now, I do lots of yoga, cook, try to find art projects, blog, aaaaaand watch lots of Law and Order SVU. lol I need you in my life!

  2. Ice cream for breakfast??? That's my girl! I wish you were still here in provo so we could ice cream binge together. Miss you a million!!!! and p.s. i LOVE your blog! You and Jordan are adorable! Loves!

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