We had a nice relaxing holiday weekend. Relaxing, meaning we didn’t get much accomplished. Whoops. It has been really hot and muggy here, so the determination to get a lot of things done has been overshadowed by the want to stay indoors, nap, and watch Netflix.

However, on Sunday we went to a 4th of July potluck that some of Jordan’s friends threw. There was some corn hole playing (more on that later), eating, catchphrasing, You Tube watching, and dancing on the Kinect. Our weapons of choice: Funky Town and Poison.

On Monday, we had really ambitious plans to go find fireworks or head to the Whitewater Center for their celebration, but it was just so yucky outside and we are babies. Therefore, we took a trip to the Asian market (air conditioning!). While there, we….

Checked out the live fish tanks (these are tilapia),

got some fixin’s for our dinner and Jordan’s favorite snacks from his mission in Japan,

and tried on awesome hats. Naturally.

We finished the evening off by making some Massaman Curry, watching a few fireworks from our window, and having a Scrubs marathon. All in all, I say the day was quite a success!

In all seriousness, I am so glad to live in this country where we have so many opportunities and we can worship and believe what we want to. Sadly, it is really easy to take it for granted sometimes. Hope you had a wonderful Independence Day, too!


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