We still have things to share from our cross country road trip… After spending time in Montana and Wyoming, we headed over to South Dakota to get a glimpse at the great Mount Rushmore! An unpatriotic admission: I kind of thought it was going to be really lame. And boring. However, the setting in the Black Hills was so beautiful, and the monument was really amazing. Take a looksie 🙂

We also decided to make a pit stop at the Crazy Horse Memorial. It is still unfinished, except for the face, but it is HUGE. Maybe one day we will be able to see it again when it is complete.

Also, we realized upon driving through the state of South Dakota that it is kind of a …unique… place full of strange roadside attractions. Exhibit A:

George W. So hot right now.

I can just imagine what the creator of this was thinking… “Hey, what should we do with an empty lot next to this gas station in the middle of the Black Hills?” “How about fill it with giant busts of presidents? Also, throw in a windmill.” Naturally, we used this glorious backdrop to show off how ridiculously good looking we are.

Other strange places: a giant park full of bears that you can pay to drive through and Wall Drug.

From there we made our way through Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, and finally home to North Carolina (toward the end there, we got a little tired of taking pictures). It was a long trip and a whirlwind of a week, but we had lots of fun and got to see so many areas of the country. Since then, we have just been settling into our new place and trying to make it as homey as possible. More pictures of the town where we live to come, so stay tuned!!



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