What we’ve been up to…

Due to a bout of sickness and overall laziness, I’ve been a little slow on the blogging front, but here are some fun things that we have been up to for the past month/couple weeks 🙂

For Memorial Day weekend, we took a spontaneous little trip over to Wilmington. After some mishaps (and no camping vacancies, like, anywhere), we slept on Carolina Beach with about a thousand other people. Due to mosquitoes and some loud parties, not many Z’s were had, but waking up to the sound of the ocean was pretty neato. We also got to use our new tent and camping pads, wedding presents from Jordan’s family. We love them! Thanks, guys!

I sure do miss my beloved Sunflower Market, but we found a place that has served as a substitute for now. It’s a fun little open air market with tons of produce and beautiful flowers. I have been thinking about taking some home and creating a makeshift planter on our porch 🙂

One thing we are learning about the summer months here in NC is that the storms are WEIRD. They come seemingly out of nowhere, are really scary for about fifteen minutes, and then disappear, leaving a bunch of fog. The most recent one gave us some nice-sized hail, followed by what can only be described as a scene from The Mist, sans creepy critter things trying to eat us.

Things that we did this past weekend… a fun Friday night Uptown with some friends, imaginary house hunting, listening to the outdoor summer symphony performance, puppy window shopping(since we can’t exactly adopt any pets at the moment), and my husband fell in love with a ferret. The end.


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